1 to 2.5 stars: The Ugly.

352px-Grab_Heeres_VHS CippolavidcrestX 3bulletscharter

1 to 2.5 stars: The Ugly.

This the lowest circle of genre hell, the most stunningly incompetent films in the genre. Their badness usually has to be seen to be believed . . . and yet each of these movies will have its defenders. Examples: Cipolla Colt, Finders Killers.


2.5 of 10

The Executioner of God (1975, Franco Lattanzi)

Three Bullets For A Long Gun (1971, Peter Henkel)

Finders370px-Finders_Killers_VHS 2978244

2 of 10

Finder’s Killers (1971, Gianni Crea)

CipollaColt_DatabasePagecipollacoltlg9 CipollaColt_Denmark_Poster

1 of 10

Cry Onion [Cipolla Colt] (1975, Enzo Castellari)


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