3 to 4.5 stars: The Bad


3 to 4.5 stars: The Bad.

These movies tend to sleepwalk through genre conventions, stringing together situations from better movies in a more or less coherent fashion. Usually very quickly made, their shoestring budgets hamstring any attempts at competent filmmaking. However, they may actually be more enjoyable than films rated in the 5 range. Examples:Twilight AvengersRattler KidBallad of Django, and Thirteenth Is a Judas.


4.5 of 10

A Man Called Pot (1971, Lucio Giachin, Demofilo Fidani)*

Colorado Charlie(1965, Roberto Mauri)

Cry of Death (1968, Alfonso Brescia)

Dallas (1975, Juan Bosch)

El Macho (1977, Marcello Andrei)

For a Book of Dollars (1973, Mario Bianchi)

Four Came to Kill Sartana (1969, Demofilo Fidani)

Four Candles for Garringo (1971, Ignacio F. Iquino)

Great Treasure Hunt (1972, Tonino Ricci)

His Name Was Sam Walbash, But They Call Him Amen (1971, Demofilo Fidani)

Long Cavalcade of Vengeance (1972, Tanio Boccia)

Man Called Amen (1973, Alfio Caltabiano)

Ölmek var dönmek yok [“Will Not Go There To Die”] (1972, Yilmaz Atadeniz)

Pancho Villa (1972, Eugenio Martín)

Rattler Kid (1967, Leon Klimovsky)

Three Silver Dollars (1969, Mario Amendola)

The Twilight Avengers (1972, Bitto Albertini)

Too Much Gold for One Gringo (1972, Juan Bosch)

White Commanche (1968, José Briz Méndez)

Yellow Hair and the Fortress of Gold (1984)

You’re Jinxed, Friend You’ve Met Sacramento (1972, Giorgio Cristallini)


4 of 10

Twenty Thousand Dollars for Every Corpse (1971, Jose Maria Zabalza)

Alleluja & Sartana Are Sons… Sons of God (1971, Mario Siciliano)

Brother Outlaw(1971, Edoardo Mulargia)

Buffalo Bill, Hero of the Far West (1964, Mario Costa)

Carambola’s Philosophy: In the Right Pocket (1975, Ferdiando Baldi)

God’s Gun (1976, Gianfranco Parolini)

Damned Pistols of Dallas (1964, Jose Maria Zabalza)

Dollar of Fire(1966, Nick Nostro)

Djurado (1966, Gianni Narzisi)

In the Name of the Father, of the Son and of the Colt (1975, Mario Bianchi)

Kung Fu Brothers in the Wild West (1973)*

The Legend of Frank Woods (1977, Deno Paoli, Hagen Smith)

Lola Colt (1967, Siro Marcellini)

Bullets Over Dallas (1970, Jose Maria Zabalza)

Ramon the Mexican (1966, Maurizio Pradeaux)

Rebels of Arizona (1970, Jose Maria Zabalza)

Sheriff of Rock Springs (1971, Jose Maria Zabalza)

The Tiger From The River Kwai (1975, Franco Lattanzi)

Whisky and Ghosts (1976, Antonio Margheriti)

The Yellow, The Red, And The Black (1975, Sergio Corbucci)


3.5 of 10

Return of Shanghai Joe (1974, Bitto Albertini)


3 of 10

Bad Man’s River (1971, Eugenio Martín)

Ballad of Django (1971, Demofilo Fidani)

Beyond the Frontiers of Hate (1972, Alessandro Santini)

Blood River (1974, Gianfranco Baldandello)

Fight For Gold (1973, Harald Reinl)

Seven Savage Men (1972, Gianni Crea)

Thirteenth Is a Judas (1971, Giuseppe Vari)

Rating the Eurowesterns: 1 to 2.5 stars: The Ugly.

To Rating the Eurowesterns: What the Ratings Mean

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