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Spaghetti Western Theater: Finger on the Trigger (1965)

Synopsis from Spaghetti Western Database:

A group of ex-Union soldiers, trekking towards New Mexico to set up new homesteads, come across a band of Confederate soldiers waiting in ambush for a troop of Union soldiers in pursuit of $10 million in hidden Confederate gold. The Union soldiers, pursued by hostile Indians are trapped in the ghost town where the gold is buried where they must decide to fight off the marauding Indians. Routine western produced in Spain.

Nothing revolutionary, but I enjoyed this film. The Youtube version is pretty poor, but it is a free way to see this film. I believe that it is also available on some of those multi-film DVD packs that sell for under $15.00 US on

The movie is interesting because it is made by Producer/Director Sidney W. Pink. Here is the beginning of his entry at Wikipedia:

Sidney W. Pink (March 16, 1916 – October 12, 2002) was an American movie producer and occasional director. He has been called the father of feature-length 3-D movies. He is also noted for producing early spaghetti westerns and low-budget science-fiction films, and for his role in actor Dustin Hoffman‘s transition from stage to screen.

Sidney Pink was similar to Albert Band in the early role he played in the Eurowestern genre. His movies are very traditional. He came to Spain to make low budget westerns with American actors. However, he did work with European production companies and talent.

El Dedo en el gatillo (1965) 2


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Coming Soon! Spaghetti Western Trailers: “Seven Jackals” (1974)


Here is the trailer for the 1974 film Seven Jackals, directed by Jose Luis Madrid. Having just come across this trailer, I am pretty excited about the movie but have been unable to find a copy so far. The film is not a western, but is instead set in the mountains of Spain during the chaos of the Napoleonic Wars. It is about a band of brigands. While not a western, it looks like it is modelled after them. The director helmed several westerns. And the cast is an great assortment of Eurowestern favorites. Here is cronosmantas’ description of the video:

English trailer for the 1974 Spaghetti Western “Seven Jackals” (aka “7 Jackals” and “Siete Chacales”) starring Anthony Steffen, Gianni Garko and Eduardo Fajardo. Directed by José Luis Madrid.


Here is a little bit more information from FlickAnt.



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Spaghetti Western Theater: Sartana the Gravedigger

For Episode 2 of the Django Rising Podcast, I will be reviewing Sartana the Gravedigger (1969). If you don’t have access to a better copy of the film, it is up on Youtube! Enjoy.

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Spaghetti Western Theatre: Duel in the Eclipse (1968)

It is so cool that you can find movies that were once rare on Youtube. For today’s Spaghetti Western Theater, here is Duel in the Eclipse (1968). Here is the SWDB page, if you are interested.

First time I saw this film, I was not in the mood for it and thought it was silly. When I rewatched it several months later, I really liked it. It is an over-the-top acid western like a very unusual way of telling the story.

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Spaghetti Western Theater: Django Defies Sartana (1970)


It used to be hard to find these more obscure titles. Now you can watch them on Youtube!

I am a big fan of Pasquale Squitieri;s other western, Vengeance Trail (1971). That movie has a great score and strong Western alla’Italiana cast (Leonard Mann, Klaus Kinski, Ivan Rassimov). This movie is more like the dozens of ultra cheap late spaghetti westerns being made quickly in the sand pits and hills outside of Rome by the likes of Demofilo Fidani or Gianni Crea. However, this is generally better made and acted. . . and perhaps makes a little more sense than the average D-grade spaghetti western of the early 1970s. I rated this movie 6 of 10.

SWDB synopsis:

Django comes to town to discover that his brother Steve, accused of robbing a bank, has been lynched. Django believes the real culprit is Sartana and challenges him to a duel. Just in time he discovers that the author of the crime is an important local figure and Django and Sartana join forces to punish him.