5 to 5.5 stars: Low Average.


5 to 5.75 stars:  Low Average.

These movies are follow genre conventions, but are generally less enjoyable. They tend to be a bit dull in comparison with the films rated more highly. They are definitely an acquired taste. Examples:  Shoot the Living, Pray For the Dead, and Django Meets Sartana.

Many of the Eurowesterns that I am most fond of are found among these movies. A “*” is used to indicate this ‘fondness’.’

5.75 of 10

Captain Apache (1971, Alexander Singer)*

Johnny West (1965, Gianfranco Parolini)

Dust in the Sun (1973, Ricardo Balducci)

Three Crosses Not To Die (1968, Sergio Garrone)

Degueyo (1966, Giuseppe Vari)

Adios Hombre (1967, Mario Caiano)

Bury Them Deep (1968, Paolo Moffa)

Starblack (1968, Giovanni Grimaldi)*

Sheriff with the Gold (1966, Osvaldo Civirani)*

Sign of the Coyote (1963, Mario Caiano)

Joe Dakota (1972, Emilio Miraglia)

Fasthands is Still My Name (1972, Mario Bianchi)

Book of Dollars (1973, Mario Bianchi)

Requiem for a Gringo (1968, Eugenio Martino)

Wanted Johnny Texas (1967, Emmio Salvi)

The Stranger and the Gunfighter (1974, Antonio Margheriti)

This Man Can’t Die (1968, Gianfranco Baldandello)

Seven Guns for Timothy (1966, Romolo Guerrieri)*

Four Gunmen of the Holy Trinity (1971, Giorgio Cristallini)

Hate Thy Neighbor (1968, Ferdinando Baldi)

Quintana: Dead or Alive (1969, Vincenzo Muolino)

Five for Revenge (1966, Aldo Florio)

Kill Johnny Ringo (1966, Gianfranco Baldandello)

Durango Is Coming, Pay or Die (1971, Roberto Bianchi Montero)

Thunder Over El Paso (1972, Roberto Bianchi Montero)

Kitosh, the Man Who Came from the North (1967, Jose Luis Merino)*

Three Bullets for Ringo (1966, Emmio Salvi)

And Now . . . Make Your Peace with God (1968, Demofilo Fidani)

Shadow of Sartana… Shadow of Your Death (1969, Demofilo Fidani)*

Ben and Charlie (1972, Michele Lupo)

Aquasanta Joe (1971, Mario Gariazzo)

Four Dollars of Revenge (1968, Jaime Jesus Balcazar)

Sunschorched (1965, Jaime Jesús Balcázar)

One Against One . . . No Mercy (1968, Rafael Romero Marchent)*

Two Crosses at Danger Pass (1967, Rafael Romero Marchent)*

Seven for Pancho Villa (1967, José María Elorrieta)

Ruthless Colt of the Gringo (1966, Jose Luis Madrid)

Winchester Bill (1966, Alfonso Brescia)

The Outlaw of Red River (1965, Maury Dexter)*

Jaguar (1963, Jesus Franco)

Zorro the Rebel (1966, Piero Pierotti)

Gunslinger’s Revenge (1998, Giovanni Veronesi)

Sehvet [Lust] (1972, Tunç Basaran)*

The Warrior and the Sorceress (1984, John C. Broderick)*

A Town Called Hell (1971, Robert Parrish)*

Jonah Hex (2010, Jimmy Hayward) Comments


5.5 of 10

Black Killer (1971, Carlo Croccolo)

Karate, Fists, and Beans (1973, Tonino Ricci)

The Bang-Bang Kid (1967, Luciano Lelli, Giorgio Gentili)

Carambola’s Philosophy: In the Right Pocket (1975, Ferdinando Baldi)

The Savage Guns (1961, Michael Carreras)

Three Swords of Zorro (1963, Ricardo Blasco)

Dynamite Joe (1967, Antonio Margheriti)

Grand Canyon Massacre (1964, Sergio Corbucci)

$100,000 for Ringo (1965, Alberto de Martino)

Seven Hours of Gunfire (1965, Joaquin Luis Romero Marchent)

Ringo the Lone Rider (1968, Rafael Romero Marchent)

Rebels in Canada (1965, Amando de Ossario)

Seven Pistols for a Gringo (1966, Juan Xiol)

The Colt is My Law (1966, Alfonso Brescia)

One Damned Day at Dawn… Django Meets Sartana! (1970, Demofilo Fidani)*


5.25 of 10

Arizona Colt Returns (1970l Sergio Martino)

Shoot the Living and Pray for the Dead (1971, Giuseppe Vari)

The Beast (1970, Mario Costa)

Buckaroo (1967, Adelchi Bianchi)

Death on High Mountain (1969, Fernando Cerchio)

Get Mean (1976, Ferdinando Baldi)

Fall of the Mohicans (1965, Mario Caiano)

Bullet and the Flesh (1967, Mario Girolami)

Ballad for a Bounty Hunter (1969, Leon Klimovsky)

Man of the Cursed Valley (1964, Siro Marcellini)

Pray of Vultures (1972, Rafael Romero Marchent)

One Against All (1965, Antonio del Amo)


5 of 10

Trinity and Sartana Are Coming (1972, Mario Siciliano)

Colt in the Hand of the Devil (1973, Gianfranco Baldanello)

Sartana in the Valley of Death (1970, Roberto Mauri)

Wanted Sabata (1970, Roberto Mauri)

Stranger, Say Your Prayers! (1967, Demofilo Fidani)

Dead Mean Don’t Make Shadows (1970, Demofilo Fidani)

Stagecoach of the Condemned (1970, Juan Bosch)

Too Much Gold for One Gringo (1972, Juan Bosch)

Quinto: Fighting Proud (1969, Leon Klimovsky)

Behind the Mask of Zorro (1966, Ricardo Blasco)*

Hey Amigo! A Toast to Your Death (1970, Paolo Bianchini)

Six Bounty Killers for a Massacre (1973, Franco Lattanzi)

Hate is My God (1969, Claudio Gora)

The Last Rebel (1971, Denys McCoy)

Pirates of the Mississippi (1963, Jurgen Roland)

Belle Starr (1968, Lina Wertmuller)

Taste of the Savage (1971, Alberto Mariscal)*

What Am I Doing in the Middle of the Revolution (1972, Sergio Corbucci)

Jaguar (1963, Jesus Franco)

Rating the Eurowesterns: 3 to 4.5 stars: The Bad

To Rating the Eurowesterns: What the Ratings Mean

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