Death on the Run

Some interesting observations about Spaghetti westerns, in particular the populist / Marxist Zapata westerns by an author viewing the films from that perspective . . . but 50 years later. These movies are still provocative. I trashed Godard’s The Wind From The East recently. This is why. That film did not effect cultural or political consciousness in the late 1960s and it certainly remains irrelevant today.

Full Unemployment Cinema

“I used to believe in many things, all of it! Now, I believe only in dynamite.”


Lima Zulu and Full Unemployment Cinema present Death on the Run a 3 day short season of Spaghetti and deviant Westerns.

21st – 23rd FEB



LimaZulu, 3J Omega Works, 167 Hermitage Road, N4 1LZ


The western is an intensely political genre, but if the American western mythologises heroism, order and Manifest Destiny the Italian “Spaghetti” western deals with an altogether different subject matter. This short season will explore some of the themes central to Italian and other deviant westerns – anti-colonialism, ultra-violence, anti-heroic nihilism and revolutionary intransigence, amongst others.

Connected to the season of screenings Benjamin Noys will give a presentation on ‘The Spaghetti Western, Politics and the Horrors of Resistance’ (Sat.22nd Feb. 17.30).

Great Silence

A publication featuring essays on the Spaghetti Western and the various forms of cynicism, nihilism and revolt that…

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