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Eurowestern News from Around the Internet: Franco Nero Starts Production on “Django Lives”

Franco Nero has started work on a second official Django sequel!

Franco Nero Starts Production on “Django Lives”

According to a press release, the new movie is set in 1915 with Django acting as a cowboy consultant in the early days of cinema. When a director is murdered, his outstanding debts are transferred to Django who hides out in a rural town where he inadvertently finds himself in the middle of a bloody dispute dividing its citizens.

Hopefully this will be an improvement over the last two western roles for Nero. Johnathon and of the Bears (1993, Castellari) was a strange, sometimes laughable attempt to recapture the magic of Keoma (1976,Castellari).  More recently, Nero had an awkward cameo in Django Unchained (2012, Tarantino). I like the idea of having him play a much older character . . . this was one of the main problems Johnathon of the Bears, in which he played a character 30 years (!) younger than himself. Along with the rumored Castellari western Badlanders, it will be great to a couple of new Eurowesterns in the upcoming year or two.

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