Spaghetti Western Theater: Django Defies Sartana (1970)


It used to be hard to find these more obscure titles. Now you can watch them on Youtube!

I am a big fan of Pasquale Squitieri;s other western, Vengeance Trail (1971). That movie has a great score and strong Western alla’Italiana cast (Leonard Mann, Klaus Kinski, Ivan Rassimov). This movie is more like the dozens of ultra cheap late spaghetti westerns being made quickly in the sand pits and hills outside of Rome by the likes of Demofilo Fidani or Gianni Crea. However, this is generally better made and acted. . . and perhaps makes a little more sense than the average D-grade spaghetti western of the early 1970s. I rated this movie 6 of 10.

SWDB synopsis:

Django comes to town to discover that his brother Steve, accused of robbing a bank, has been lynched. Django believes the real culprit is Sartana and challenges him to a duel. Just in time he discovers that the author of the crime is an important local figure and Django and Sartana join forces to punish him.



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