Reviews From Around The Internet: “Django Unimproved: Four Movies and One Comic That Did It Better”

Another nice review of Django Unchained:

“Still, the air of novelty with which his conceits are adorned are dubious. As Aisha Harris pointed out in “When Blaxploitation went West,” not only was the avenging slave narrative already given the spaghetti treatment, but also in far more radical fashion. Now, Tarantino is probably the only A-list filmmaker to have watched/cared about every single Black Western that came out in the ’70s, and he’s open about his passion for exploitation cinema; so it’s not a secret. But that doesn’t mean that Fred Williamson’s Boss Trilogy will be coming out on Rolling Thunder home video any time soon. While this list is by no means comprehensive or revelatory, it’s worth it to look at the ways in which the not-bad Django Unchained is still somehow less than the sum of its parts.”

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