‘Django Unchained’: Messy, unfocused but always entertaining and never boring

Very good review fo Django Unchained . . .similar to my own feelings and thoughts about the movie.

Unsolicited Criticism

I have a strange opinion about Quentin Tarantino’s body of work. I wouldn’t consider myself a fan of his, but there are movies he’s done that I absolutely love. Jackie Brown and Inglorious Basterds tie for my favorite, and the Kill Bill movies are great, too. Resevoir DogsPulp Fiction, and Death Proof? I mean, they all have their moments. The car chase in Death Proof makes the whole movie worth it, in the end, but it’s not one I revisit. But the Tarantino movies I enjoy, I love. Though I’m positive there’s some childhood nostalgia with the Kill Bill movies, they’re truly just a lot of fun, but Jackie Brown and Inglorious Basterds are two of the best American movies ever made. Sometimes Tarantino really hits the mark for me, other times I’m just ambivalent. Django, unfortunately, didn’t really hit my mark. It’s one…

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